We meet interesting clients in a range of industries and we have the privilege of teaming up with them on transactions in which we often employ financial tools that not only meet our clients' needs but also happen to be mentally stimulating and reminders of why we love this industry. As we come across novel ideas or develop market intelligence in areas that may be beneficial to our clients we will occasionally share our thoughts on these with you. We may also highlight new research findings, market trends or simply convey our views on certain topics. We hope you find these "conversations" to be helpful and we look forward to speaking to you in person.

Experian's "How to Get Out of Debt"

Millions of Americans are in debt and feel that there is no way out, but this is not the case. With smart planning and some self-restriction, almost anyone can get out of debt. Here is a blog from Experian detailing how to accomplish this amazing feat! Here is an excerpt: "While some types of debt, like home mortgage, can help you build long-term wealth when managed wisely, being deeply in debt can feel stressful and overwhelming. Luckily, it is possible to get out of debt. It won't happen overnight - it will take time, planning, and maybe some professional help, but paying off your debt is possible. Following these steps can help you get out of debt, remain debt-free in the future, and buil

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