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In the spring of 2012 two of our partners set out to raise funding for a new hospitality venture. With the recession still fresh in investors' minds and banks executing a "no lending" policy, they had to be creative. After exploring various funding channels they decided to try something new: EB-5 funding.

Did they raise the funds? Yes. Was it easy? No. In fact, the process was so tumultuous that they knew they had stumbled onto a unique opportunity. ​There had to be a better, more efficient way to play in this market! So they established an immigration-linked securities boutique to do just that. They wanted to help new projects steer clear of the potholes in the road to EB5 funding that hijacked a few of their tires. More importantly, they wanted to level the playing field. A plethora of financial services are available to large and medium sized businesses but start-ups and small businesses are resource starved. Our founding partners created The Opes Group (OPES) to provide an environment in which entrepreneurs can share their passion and seek solutions.

The firm has since grown beyond our two founding partners and so have our areas of expertise. We work with entrepreneurs in an array of industries – hospitality, real estate, technology, healthcare who benefit from our willingness to unearth niche funding opportunities that are particularly suited to their needs. EB5, Grants, New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs), Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs), dedicated funding sources for minority and women operated businesses and special situation funds are just a few of the extras that OPES brings to the table to diversify an entrepreneurs perspective on financing options for his or her business.

In addition to the above, we may be asked to seek equity partnerships for our clients. Our experience in the private equity space has shown that transactions often benefit the investors to the detriment of the business owners. The vast majority of deals are comprised of smaller and middle market companies that become connected with equity partners whose time horizons and management goals are in direct conflict with the needs of the business owner. We believe that companies are best served when their interests are aligned with the investors with whom they are paired.

The Opes Group offers an innovative platform of concierge services to companies across a range of industries and sizes. OPES partners with its member companies to develop (or improve upon) operating relationships that allow companies to achieve long-term sustainable solutions. With the business strategy in place, OPES then provides access to the appropriate talent and capital needed to execute the plan. We work with our clients as an in house team to deliver the optimal mix of traditional and non-traditional financing along with equity infusions if needed.

Ultimately, we aim to build long-term relationships with each client in which we become a partner and business resource that allows each client to live a life more abundant.

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