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Our team is seeking an executive with a passion for raising capital and helping companies to grow. The ideal candidate is currently or previously a senior vice president or managing director at a bulge bracket firm who has raised financing for technology firms. The candidate should be entrepreneurial and willing to roll up his/her sleeves to get the job done.

The applicant may work remotely but the company is also interested in someone who would occasionally like to work onsite in New York or Miami. The team is a small knit group that works very hard but also enjoys each others company so while working remotely is fine we would like to build some kind of rapport with the applicant.

Although we are seeking a tech banker the company has several projects in other sectors and if the applicants relationship with the firm is expanded s/he may also choose to explore those other areas such as healthcare, hospitality, renewable energy etc. Candidates may choose to work on only project at a time (ideal for stay at home moms) or to amass as many projects as they life. Support staff is available.


  • Lay out a roadmap for the capital raise process. Manage the internal and external stakeholders needed to bring the process to a close by conveying clear plans and goal for each party, plotting a thoughtful timeline and motivating all parties through the ups and downs of transactions.

  • Conduct due diligence needed to fully understand the clients need and to convey that to investors. The applicant should have a keen sense for deciphering what clients need even when they are not able to clearly outline their position.

  • Oversee the drafting of teasers, investment memorandums, PPMs, management presentations and all related documentation.

  • Present opportunities to investors, guide Q&A with management teams, negotiate IOIs, LOIs, purchase agreements in a manner that results in optimal funding terms for the client.

  • Review client financials, develop valuation analysis (DCF, FMW, NOLV, IRR, ROIC, accretion / dilution analysis, comparables, etc.) and build independent financial models.

  • Coach junior team members.


  • At least 7 years of investment banking experience

  • Detailed knowledge of and understanding of various valuation methodologies

  • In depth understanding of the impact of different financing strategies on a clients capital structure and balance sheet.

  • Track record of closing deals for technology companies

  • Series 7 or 79 and 63 registration are preferred but not required, the company is opening to sponsoring if the applicant is someone who whose registration has lapsed.

  • References and sample work product may be requested.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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